Striped bottles and vases

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michela l.

Another exercise in light and shade for classes 2 (grade 7-8), made with colored pencils. When the bottles and jars are colorful, they are glued on a new sheet in a free composition where you have to pay attention to the shapes that are ahead and those who are behind. After pasting the bottles you draw the cast shadow with a pencil.

camilla c.
riccardo c.
matteo b.
marko v.
giulia r. 
sara a.
giacomo f. 
stelina k.
lorenzo f.
chiara m.

Color Wheel – Printable worksheet (in Italian language!)

The square color wheel!


13 thoughts on “Striped bottles and vases”

  1. Hi! As you can see in the third photograph, we use normal colored pencils… Crayola, Comte, Faber Castell… I don’t know which kind of pencils you can find in your country. The secret is to use a different pressure of the hand to create value. Ask me any further question!

  2. These are absolutely lovely! May I ask what kind of glue did you use? I have problems with glue buckling and warping the paper. These pictures look so smooth. I want to try this with my students, but glue has been a major issue for us. Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Carol! Thanks for your comment, we used stick glue, non too wet. And the paper is quite heavy, 200gr, the sort of paper that we use for painting, so when we glue it, the collage is smooth. Let me know if you need any further information. 🙂


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