Sentences in complementary colors

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We have created a painting inspired by the works of Paul Klee and Alighiero Boetti using letters of the alphabet as a pretext to create forms and spaces to be colored. I explained that the sentence choice does not have to be recognizable: it is not a “slogan” advertising that needs to be readable, but a mere pretext to create a grid of straight lines, oblique, curved, horizontal, or vertical, to be filled with complementary colors.

Paul Klee, Once Emerged from the Gray of Night, 1918
Alighiero Boetti, Quello che non succede in mille anni succederà in un attimo, 1988


Animal sculptures in ceramic

Soap dishes decorated with doilies


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    • Hi Vanessa! I look forward to see your lesson, did your students paint with watercolors or acrylics? I’m curious to see which sentences they wrote… Mine are in italian language!
      Thanks for your comment Vanessa, see you soon on the web 🙂


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