Landscapes with textures inspired by Karla Gerard

9 karla gerard

When I discovered the work of Karla Gerard  I thought at once of my students and how much they would have loved this amazing artist. I showed a lot of works of Karla Gerard to my students, and they have been inspired by her shapes, her colors, her villages, her trees and textures. We used a graffito technique that you can also find in this previous post about colored Hippie Vans. We colored the landscape overlapping two layers of oil pastels and then we engraved the surface with a toothpick. The first layer of colors has to be mainly pale and light (better use colors like yellow, pale pink, light blue, light green, grey and also white). The second layer can be darker with colors as red, blue purple, black or emerald green. The texture engraved should be various and fantastic, according to the joyful world of Karla Gerard.

_DSC4054  _DSC0001 _DSC0002 _DSC0006_DSC0004 _DSC0499 _DSC0007 _DSC0008_DSC0396 _DSC0504 _DSC0399 _DSC0400 _DSC0510 _DSC0434 _DSC0435 _DSC0436 _DSC0437 _DSC0439 _DSC0440 _DSC0438 _DSC0441 _DSC0442 _DSC0443 _DSC0444 _DSC0445 _DSC0446 _DSC0447 _DSC0567 copia _DSC0569 _DSC0570 _DSC0514 _DSC0785 _DSC0786

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  1. WOW!!! I love them all!! Thank you for posting…great colorful works…Karla Gerard 🙂

  2. My next project! After the O’Keeffe and the Van Gogh. Not enough time for everything I want to do!

  3. Pamela Lewis says

    Oh these are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your lesson.

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