Parallel lines to build a city


With a game of parallel lines we built our cities at night, with tall buildings that stand out on a starry sky. A simple exercise for the 6th grade classes, with which we have experienced how easy it is to create a landscape using just some set of lines. The walls of the buildings seem almost three-dimensional, for the alternation of horizontal lines, slanting and curves. The addition of some details, such as small windows, complete our city. The drawing has been cut out and pasted on a black cardboard that creates the background. With a white pencil, finally, we have added constellations and moons.




_DSC0091 copia


_DSC0088 copia

_DSC0090 copia

_DSC0093 copia

_DSC0094 copia






















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  1. These are really lovely – such a simple and effective idea. Thanks for sharing

  2. Great idea! I can hardly wait to try it with my 6th graders. Thanks for sharing all your ideas with us.

  3. what grade did you use this with??

  4. The black background makes the buildings pop, the kids will love that.

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