Video Tutorial: The illusion of space

There are six easy ways to make our three-dimensional drawings and give the illusion of depth and space; through these six tips we could see through the history of art and discover how artists have developed increasingly more sophisticated systems to deceive the viewer’s eyes and show non-existent spaces:
I prepared this video to summarize these six tricks: we can use it in our lessons!


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  1. Wooow. Very nice tutorial. Really appreciated. I saw another good ideas on The Artwork Factory. Look if you found something interesting there also. They have beautiful art collection for sale.

  2. Hi Josef, thanks for your comment and your suggestion! Keep in touch on the web 🙂

  3. What a fabulous teaching video. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. So simple and perfect!

  5. Juliette Alcock says

    Dear Miriam, I am in awe of your teaching and art ideas. I want to thank you for sharing jot all with us!! You are very generous and kind!~ You are helping me in my own art room and I really appreciate it!!

    • Dear Juliette, you’ve made my day! Your comment is so kind! I had to search the meaning of “awe” because I didn’t know this word… but don’t be in awe of my teaching ideas,please! I wonder if we could meet each other, how many ideas we could exchange 🙂 thanks for your message Juliette, and happy Art!!

      • Juliette Alcock says

        Yes I would love to give back to you!! I am on Pinterest Juliette Alcock but if I have anything unique to share I will e.mail you!! Once again… Thank you, Miriam… You are amazing!!!

      • Juliette Alcock says

        Miriam I have a folder on Pinterest called, ” Sidney Nolan and Australian Art” Sidney Nolan born in 1917 was inspired by the outback and deserts of Australia. He was inspired by Picasso but loved to record parts of Australian history. The outlaw, Ned kelly featured in his work. This may be a good topic for you!



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