Abstract painting with wool and cloth inserts

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In this way, you create spaces to be filled with watercolors. The lines will define fields where color tints can fade, mix or overlap. Here are our abstract watercolors

In the 6th grade classes we talked about the elements of art such as LINE, SHAPE and COLOR. Looking at the works of artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Paule Klee, we discussed how these three elements are used to create abstract compositions of great visual and emotional impact.

To make this abstract mixed media painting we followed precise instructions: first of all, some elements are drawn freehand with oil pastels
– Five different lines
– Three circles, some even concentric
– A geometric shape
– An organic form
– A symbol

The lines of the drawing can interbreed with each other freely and shapes can get out of edges of the sheet.

The drawn lines and shapes create closed areas to be painted with watercolors: the colors can be blended, mixed or superimposed. The painting exercise involves some care in coloring within the borders and in creating areas with both flat and shaded backgrounds.

Finally, to “move” the surface of our painting, we inserted colored wool threads and small cloth shapes, in order to create further elements with different media and thicknesses.

Here are our mixed media paintings


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