Final exams 2020

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In this unusual year, with the schools closed for Covid-19, with distance learning, with the desire to feel close despite the obligation of the lockdown, with everything we missed from school, we still managed to face the final exams to end our school with commitment.

This year, each student was quite free to choose how to take their exam. I asked the students to document the procedure with which they created their works: I asked to take a photo at the beginning, a photo during the work, and a photo of the finished work.

Looking at the personal reinterpretation works, it is quite easy to guess which artists the students were inspired by and in some cases, it is also clear the exam topic to which the work is connected. Well done guys, thank you for these three years spent together: I’m proud of you.

Statue of Liberty at the time of Covid-19, inspired by Romero Britto (topic USA)
inspired by Basquiat (topic addiction to drugs)
Mickey Mouse visits a Dalì museum (exploring the connection between Walt Disney and Salvador Dalì)
fabric collage for a portrait of Picasso
Matisse’s communication skills (topic: communication)
the ready-made reworked by the Dadaists (the First World War)
Reworking of an artwork by Magritte (topic: the dream)
Impressionists and drawing in the open air (topic: nature)
free interpretation of Dalì’s painting “the war”
Colorful and hopeful interpretation of Guernica (topic: World War II)
the American flag made with FIMO (topic: the USA)
drawing inspired by Kandinsky (topic: the Nazi persecution)
Two nineteenth-century characters look at our contemporary world (topic: Romanticism)
reinterpretation of a print of Otto Dix (topic: World War I)
interpretation of a work by Maria Blanchard (topic: women’s rights)
the need to express oneself through art, freely inspired by Kandinsky (topic: human needs)
photographic elaboration: contemporary reinterpretation of a painting by Magritte (topic: Apple)
drawing inspired by “melancholy” by Munch (topic: depression)
details in mixed media of Guernica (topic: communication)
Banksy-inspired painting (topic: the walls)
collage inspired by Lichtenstein (topic: World War II and Japan)
drawing inspired by Keith Haring (topic: human rights)
detail of a painting by Otto Dix “the trench” (topic: the trench)
painting inspired by “September” by Gerard Richter (topic: September 11)
collage and mixed media painting inspired by “die Kapelle” painted in 1917 by Paul Klee (topic: World War I)
creation of a fan logo inspired by Depero (topic: the usefulness of computer science)
copy of a painting by Frida Kahlo (topic: women and human rights)
the story of the Red Baron
mixed-technique drawing inspired by Degas (topic: photography)
rielaborazione di un quadro di Mondrian con il suo ritratto
personal interpretation of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in the time of Covid-19 (topic: the Night)
painting inspired by “those who go” by Boccioni (topic: energy)

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