ancient Langobardian Jewels

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The activity has been designed by the art teacher Alice Capriotti from Mondaini School (RN – Italy) and then reintroduced by the art teacher Marta Zannotti from Corinaldo (AN – Italy) who has shared all the pictures. Her students of 7th Grade (class IIA e IIB from “Foscolo” School) created these Longobardian jewels made of a dough of flour and salt.

The teacher Marta Zannotti tells us how they created the jewels: “After studying and observing the symbols of the medieval Langobardian art we created these jewels. First we designed the jewels on paper, at a scale of 1:1. Then we shaped the dough of flour and salt, using simple tools as rulers, little sticks and knives.

After drying in the oven the jewels has been colored with a layer of white paint and then with colors.

Eventually some beads and buttons has been imbedded into the surface with vinyl glue and the surface has been varnished”.


Sneaker Design

Nocturnal landscape


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