The color wheel in a big collage

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This group work is simple but really effective. You can create a big color wheel with colored pieces of paper, ripped from magazines and old books. The whole class works to complete all the colors of this big color wheel, creating a poster to hang in the classroom. The big circle is divided in 12 slices. Every couple of students take a slice and choose a color of the color wheel. We need lots of magazines to leaf through their pages, in order to find the right colors for every slice. The students in couple glue all the pieces of colored paper on a single slice, paying attention at the sample of the original color from the color wheel.



Like tissues at the microscope: video tutorial

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5 thoughts on “The color wheel in a big collage”

  1. I’m going to try this post again, but not as a reply to a previous comment. About how long does this project take? I have a block schedule coming up during finals week and think this will be a great project before break.

    Thank so much for sharing Miriam!

    • Hi Amy, sorry for the late response. In a class of 25 students (11 years old) I created groups of two or three and every couple or group worked on a slice of the color wheel. The work took about 4 hours. You need a ton of magazines and ask your student to follow the color you give them as reference. They’ll have fun! If you have any further question, please, ask me.


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