Drawing inspired by Craig-Martin: video tutorial

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A drawing inspired by the contemporary artist Michael Craig-Martin  is created with the art supplies we usually use in our art room. In this drawing we can work on the topics of still-life,  representation of space and composition.
To create the drawing follow these steps:

    • CHOOSE from eight to ten photocopies of ART SUPPLIES objects
    • Trace the picture on your drawing sheet with a pencil overlapping the photocopy and the drawing sheet on a window. Use tape to attach the papers on the window’s glass.
    • Overlap pictures one on another tracing the whole objects.
    • When you finish to copy the objects with pencil draw the outlines with a BLACK PERMANENT MARKER.
    • Colour just some areas of the drawing with felt-tip pens in SOLID COLOURS in the style of Micheal Craig Martin.
    • Colour the background with a solid colour.

Here you can watch the video-tutorial created by Chad Brown. In his video this great art teacher and friend shows how to do the drawing step by step. He also explain interesting facts about Michael Craig-Martin.

In another video Chad proposes a similar work. The process is more difficult because the objects are copied from real objects in a life drawing, traced on tracing paper and painted with acrylics, but this activity could be suitable and interesting for high school students.

Here below the pictures with step-by-step process.








Cats on the fence

Paintings in scale of grays, inspired by B&W photos


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