Mountains made up of lines

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Lines can depict any shape; they can create tridimensional effects and give the perception of movement. I did this drawing with 6th grade students, in order to create a mountain landscape using just lines. Putting lines near each other, you can create the perception of threedimensional volume and our eyes see undulations, protuberances and hillside indentations.

We started the drawing with the main lines of the mountains, the sun and clouds in the sky. Starting from the shape of these edges, we put the lines near each other, following the direction of the main lines. We have drawn the image with felt-tip pensrati.






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14 thoughts on “Mountains made up of lines”

  1. Hi Miriam,
    I am going to try this my students! Thank you for sharing. I see you teach in Italy, so cool! I love Italy, I want to go back soon. Do you speak to your students in English? Are you American?

    • Hi Jessica! I was so glad to read your comment! I’m Italian, I lived in Africa and in UK for some years, but I’ve been here in my little village in the North of Italy in the last 4 years. I’m going to do some art lesson in English but I feel so nervous, because I do not teach English and I know that I’ll make a lot of mistakes! Where have you been in Italy? Did you visit many cities? If you come again remember to call me, I have a nice cottage on the Trentino Mountains! 😉

  2. Very cool! I love this lesson. Thanks for sharing. This utilizes line so well. Many students think “boooring” when going over a line lesson. This one isn’t boring by any means!

  3. Thank you for the wonderful art ideas. I’m looking forward to trying many of the projects with my students. Ero contenta di sapere che lei e da Trentino. I mei genitori hanno immigratio a Canada, ma abbiamo tanta famiglia da vicino Codriopo Udine.

  4. Dear Miriam, Thank you for sharing your wonderful art projects. I’ve found them very inspiring and will utilise your ideas.
    If you get a opportunity, take a look at my International Icons of Peace and Equality project. I am planning to relaunch it next academic year and looking for more international art teachers to take part. If you like the project could you spread the word. Ultimately I’d like to realise an exhibition of the students works.

    • Hi Sacha, your art project is amazing! I really like it! I would like to participate the next academic year, let me know How can we join the project! I wish you a happy new year 🙂


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