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The art teacher Maria Luisa Marchio, with students of Middle School Paisiello, in Cinisello Balsamo (MI), suggest to us some beautiful bookmarks decorated with colored pencils.
A simple task, with a result very effective, especially if you want to experiment with students the colorful gradation and its variants with colored pencils. Here’s how Maria Luisa describes the work done in the classroom:

“With the students of the seventh and eighth grade I held a workshop in the afternoon for the Christmas Market, where we made colorful bookmarks.
First I bought the pdf bookmarks on Etsy site.
secondly I printed bookmarks on white paper. Then we glued them on the colored card with glue stick, and then we cut out them.
Each student colored a bookmark with colored pencils, taking care of every single detail and creating some very beautiful nuances.
Finally the bookmarks were laminated. “

Congratulations for the accuracy of execution and the choice of colors, which make these bookmarks really valuable





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