Jean Dubuffet … with closed eyes!

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dubuffe closed eyes

Have you ever tried to draw with your eyes closed? The pencil moves on the sheet guided only by a mental picture, which is that the drawing we would like to draw, but when we open our eyes, our design is a surprise, and seems disconnected from our will. When drawing a face, we strive to give proper place, proportion and measure to the eyes, nose, mouth, ears … In this exercise, in addition to have fun, we discover that a face drawn without mental patterns that require us to “draw well “, it can be interesting, expressive, original and very personal.

In classes of sixth grade we discussed the concept of beauty in art: a work of art have to be “beautiful”? And if it is not beautiful is not art? Art is just what we like? After interesting reflections we concluded that the work of art does not have to correspond to our general ideals of beauty, but it can be an expression, a message, a provocation, a choice … even in the ugliness!

Following the style of Jean Dubuffet we drew the face with his eyes closed, with an unbroken line, to create spaces closed. In the photos below you can see the examples that I made on the blackboard, drawing strictly with closed eyes, and the drawings of the students. The decorations in red and blue imitate the graphic repertory of Dubuffet, with its blue and red stripes, lines and solid colors.





_DSC0186  _DSC0187




du3 du9



du6  du8









Citrus fruits in complementary colors

Museum in perspective


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