A “tunnel” in tonal gradation

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We continue the exercises to learn how to create the perfect tonal gradations! This time with the classes of sixth grade we paint a mysterious hallway that is lost to infinity, populated by strange characters. First we prepare the geometric drawing of the tunnel, tracing the square’s diagonals. The sheet is divided into concentric frames of the width of 1.5 cm. We begin to paint starting from white and adding little by little the color we chose. Once you get to the pure color, we can add small amounts of black to proceed with the dark tones. But be careful, the gradations proceed in the opposite direction! Once the painting is completed, we also add images cut from magazines, for make more animated our tunnel.















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Below here is a photo of the “tunnels” in gradation, painted by pupils of 5th grade. They are in the Primary School of Giosuè Carducci in San Pietro Mussolino,  province of  Vicenza in Italy, under the excellent guidance of the teacher Veronica Dalla Gassa. Look at the technique: They are just great!



Collage inspired by Guernica

Test about Color Theory: worksheet


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  1. Thank you very much teacher Miriam! Your idea is fantastic and we enjoy so much paint these tunnels.
    We are happy to see our works in this blog.
    With gratitude, 5th grade students of San Pietro Mussolino Primary School.


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