Flowers in bowl…


The inside of the bowls is an excuse to draw sketches of flowers that glide like shadows into the concave surface. The bowls become containers of flowers …




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  1. These are lovely! Is it coloured slip or stains used to draw the flowers?

    • Hi Ruth, it’s coloured slip. I drew the flowers after the first fire, and then I glazed the bowls for the second fire. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. These are absolutely beautiful!

  3. When you drew you drew with a black colored slip and then did you have to fire it a second time with clear? I love them they are beautiful.

    • Hi Ginny
      Yes, you’re right. I’ve drawn with a black engobe (colored slip) on the clay (leather hardness) and then fired the bowl, then I glazed it with clear glaze and fired it a second time.
      Thanks for your kind comment Ginny 🙂

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