Mishima Technique: experiments in black and red


I can not explain how much I am fascinated by this oriental technique of Japanese origin made ​​with colored engobes. I’m still experimenting but I find that the effect of the incisions filled with black engobe is amazing … Below we see first the working of clay to leather hardness, then a picture of a bowl after the first firing. The remaining photographs are of the bowls glazed after the second firing.







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  1. I feel the same about mishima and ceramics. love the new work!

  2. Elsa Jansen says

    Thanks for wonderful ideas. Beaatiful.

  3. Mishima was a question on my art education certification exam in 1999. This is the first time I have seen it mentioned in print since- after 14 years of teaching 6-8 grade art!
    Your work is beautiful and your blog is very helpful.

    • Thanks Betty! I really appreciate your comment! Do you have a web site or a pinterest board where I can see your job with students? I’m really interested in sharing ideas about 6-8 grade art. Are you a ceramist too? I love to know other art teachers!! 🙂

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