Art Ed Blog of the Year 2013: 9th Place!

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Arte a Scuola is officially one of the top 10 Art Ed Blogs of the Year! After around 3,000 votes were cast, my blog was selected by Art Teachers, readers, and fans all around the country (and world) as one of the very best out there! After tallying all of the votes, I ended up with 9th place! Thanks for all that voted! I made the top 10 AOE Art Ed blog of the year!  I’m really excited to share this honor with some REALLY great blogs!!  
I would like to use the words of Jessica Balsley, Founder of  The Art of Education:
A big congratulations to all of the winners and nominees! We are truly blessed to have so many great Art Ed resources out there.
Keep sharing and keep creating everyone!”



Working on Britto’s works

Starfish in warm and cool colors


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    • I agree with you, Dinesen. I have be n inspired by Miriam Paternostra’s lessons and samples since I discovered Arte Scola two years ago, when I first turned to art. That occurred when I was 74. How I wish I had discovered the joys of making art when I was a child. Thank you, Maestra. — Marilyn Cleland, DeKalb, Illinois usa


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