The color wheel in a square

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In the classes of Grade level 6, we are studying the color wheel. What better way to learn color theory that putting it into practice? We started painting the primary colors with tempera colors, and then we got all the others with the right mixtures. The final touch was to decorate the areas of color with the words, as decorative captions.










Romantic Graffiti

Landscapes in gradation with Gimp2


7 thoughts on “The color wheel in a square”

    • Hi tart. They are children from Grade level 6, they are 10-11 years old. Sorry, the age of the students was not clear, in Italy we have a different school system and they are in the first year of middle school. Thanks for your comment. See you soon! 🙂

    • HI Tamcas! To write the words we used a black permanent marker. The words are in Italian language, and they are the name of the colors, as yellow primary (giallo primario), magenta red, cyan blue. For secondary we wrote green secondary, purple secondary and orange secondary. An for tertiary colors we wrote just “tertiary”, because the name of colors are too long. The aim was to fill the solid color with its name in order to remember the color’s name. The way to fill the colors with words was to write the letters close each other, from top to bottom of the color. Is most decorative rather than didactic 🙂

    • Hi Nicole
      They traced the line freely: the instruction was just to start from a central point and draw the three triangles of primary colors. They followed my drawing on the blackboard, but without measures. You can see that the drawings are all slightly different.


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