Mosaic course 2013

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ric4 14dic13_43

The mosaic course dedicated to the students of Grade 7 has just concluded with these excellent results.
The pictures show some stages of the process and the finished mosaics.

lauramosaic  lau5 14dic13_35

matteomosaic  matteo4 14dic13_37

mattiamosaic  mat4 20nov13_4

anamosaic  ana4 14dic13_52

gabrimosaic  gab4 14dic13_54

maxmosaic  mas3 27nov1_27

nicolamosaic  nic8 20nov13_3

riccardo mosaic  ric4 14dic13_43



Still Life with Mixed Media

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8 thoughts on “Mosaic course 2013”

    • Hi Jorge! The students worked for 8 lessons of 100 minutes. Of course it’s a long work and you need a proper workshop. But I did also with pupils 11 years old and they really enjoyed the job! Especially to break the tiles with the hammer!

  1. I’m wondering where you got your glass from. Did you buy sheets of glass locally, or order them? Did you order already broken pieces? Or did you find a local source to donate the glass – someone who makes windows?

    Also, did the kids just use hammers, or did you also have glass cutting tools?


    • Hi tarogomi, nice to meet you. The materials for our mosaics are pieces of ceramic tiles, not glass. Glass is very expensive and the school can’t afford it! I asked to the tile stores if they had tiles to throw away, sample or broken tiles. So, we are recycling spare tiles and I’m picking tiles of all colors for a few years. To break the tiles we use hammers for the larger pieces and special cutters for the smaller pieces, you can see one of them in the picture above with the dog. for any further question, please, ask me! 🙂

  2. These are beautiful. I would love to do this with my students. What do you attach the tiles to? Also, what product do you use to keep the tiles in place. I don’t know much about mosaics but would love to learn. Thanks. 🙂


  3. Hi Jackie! We use the same products used by tilers, by those who put the tiles in the bathrooms and floors. They are special mortars, but they are Italian products, you should inform you about products that they use in buildings in your country. Where are you from?
    I’ve found the USA address of the company Kerakoll, where I buy mortars:

    90 Park Avenue, 15th Floor
    New York
    NY 10016 – 1378 USA
    Export Dept.
    Tel. +39 0536 816 511
    Fax +39 0536 816 581

    Ask me any further question!! :))

  4. In the US, my students use Elmer’s glue (white PVA glue) to glue their pieces down. For mortar, we use sanded grout that I buy in hardware stores (Home Depot, Ace, etc.). Do not buy unsanded grout which will not work well for this type of project!
    Thank you Miriam for sharing all your projects! I love them all.

    • Hi Susan! I think this kind of glue is perfect, especially with kids! The use of mortar could be difficult and it takes more than 12 hours to dry. I think that you have to use mortar just in big works on external walls, but for small mosaics on wood PVA is working very well! 😉


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