Little book printed with Craft Foam


Craft foam in English language,  Moosgummi in German, Gomma Crepla in Italian: it is a gummy material that we can find in stationery and it can be etched, cut, shaped, glued, colored, printed. With this material we made a little book of prints inspired by the flowers, but everyone can create their own little “story” illustrated, with simple materials. The color for printing is acrylic paint applied with a roller on the matrix, and the printing is done by hand with the back of a spoon. It can be a greetings card, an invitation, a little story for someone you love …









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  1. What a great idea. I like the idea of a class working together to make a finished product such as a book. I think I might try something similar to this in the elementary classroom using snowflakes as inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Hi Miriam, these are perfect! : )

    • hallo Joe! How are you? I hope you’ll try this technique, so I’ll see your works on your blog that is always one of my favourite! See you soon 😉

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