Tubes striped

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We’re still working on the different ways to represent the illusion of space, and in the 8th grade classes we have created this collage, drawing tubes striped, circular or square, with colored pencils. Applying shading to these objects we added the three-dimensional effect. We cut out the tubes, and then we glued them on black cardboard, so that seemed a bunch of piled tubes. I think it’s very effective!

11nov13_8  27nov1_54

3ott013_2  19nov13_1

19nov13_39  19nov13_36

 25nov1_14  25nov1_17

19nov13_40  19nov13_32


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5 thoughts on “Tubes striped”

    • E’ un sistema facile per far sperimentare il chiaroscuro e anche nel montaggio c’è la sovrapposizione degli oggetti (davanti e dietro) da rispettare per avere l’effetto tridimensionale. Grazie del commento e a presto!

  1. I did this activity with the my Grade 5 and 6 classes. It was a great cross-over with maths (3D shapes) as well as scaffolding their shading techniques. The end result was very eye-catching! Grazie!

    • Ciao Simone! I’m very glad to know that you appreciate my ideas, and I’m sure that the result is amazing! Prego caro Simone! 🙂


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