The banners for the School

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After a year in Bristol I’m going back to Italy. I have worked with pleasure at Cherry Garden Primary School and, as a goodbye gift, I have drawn the banners with the key words that recall the values ​​taught daily in the school.
In English schools there is a special education on the values, ​​and every day children are reminded of the words that focus on human growth, on respect, on learning to live with others, on the ability to overcome difficulties.
Even in Italian schools we would need these words!

cherry banners

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2 thoughts on “The banners for the School”

  1. Miriam, thank you for sharing your experience at this school. It is interesting to notice this attention to the values in England, but I think that even in italian school many teachers and many schools are focused on this, especially in pre-primary and primary school. We have to explain better them and we have to meet people like you, that could represent the ideas so well!!!

    see you soon in Italy!


    • Hi Francesca
      In Italy Teachers are working very hard, every day, for focus the attention on this kind of values. But Schools have not these values written everywhere, on the main door, on the School’s logo, on the web site and on the classes’ wall, as a continuous reminder of the most important things, for students, parents, and staff.
      Often we have to worry about ministerial programs, evaluation, and Invalsi tests, more than values…


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