Coil vase with a ‘not round’ base

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Starting from any shape as base of the vase,  you can model a vase not round, by growing as a free shape in your hands. The coils follow the shape of the base and then they can widen and narrow as you like. Here’s my vase made with this technique.
I glazed the interior of the pot, and I colored the outer surface with manganese oxide.

Small Jewelry Polymer Clay

Playing with Pollock dripping


6 thoughts on “Coil vase with a ‘not round’ base”

  1. I love this! It's nice and open-ended for the kids. I've been thinking about doing some clay projects with my after-school art class, but the ages vary, and a couple of the kids are only 5. What age-range do you think this would be appropriate for?

  2. Hi DoodlesNYC!Surely you have to help the younger children, but you can do it for all ages. Just make small pots! And teach them how to join the coils, I think this is the most important step to have a good result!

  3. Muy lindo me gustaría que lo hagan mis nuetos.
    Por Favor puede darme la receta para elaborar esta masa de arcilla? Gracias de antemano


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