Names on small canvases

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On small canvases measuring 7x7cm, we painted some names with acrylic colours to make little square  paintings to give to friends. This is a good exercise to learn how to use brushes on small size, to invent new textures and to find color combinations enjoyable and effective. It can also be useful to work on complementary colors, because to make a word visible on a colored background, you have to understand the relationships between colors.

Stop Motions inspired by Aardman Animations

Pop-up Colosseum


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  1. Qui si trovano in commercio per poche sterline, non so se in Italia si trovano, sono proprio piccole tele montate su un microtelaio… non so se in Italia ci sono e quanto costano. Comunque grazie del commento Patrizia e a presto!

  2. Dear Miriam,you share always really interesting and wonderful ideas. Thank for all this!Are you experiencing anything in the English school? and what about of a learning experience of your children? any news?greetings!!francesca


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