Inspired by the Kandinsky’s landscapes

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From a photo of a simple landscape, I tried to inspire my paintings in the style of Kandinsky. He painted many landscapes, where it is recognizable the style that characterizes his abstract painting. We can see the lines which surround the stylized shapes of the landscape, and the colors that are not realistic. You could do this lesson with students year 8 and 9, but also with younger pupils! The most difficult step for children is to stylize the landscape.

I started by choosing the details of some landscapes, very simple, without many details. 

Then I copied the landscapes with lines and stylized shapes, drawn with oil pastels black and blue. 

Subsequently I colored shapes with acrylic colors, with a large paintbrush, without copying any colors in the photos, but observing the light and dark areas. I filled the areas with acrylic colors, without cover the oil pastels lines.

I also mixed colors in the style of Kandinsky.
Here some landscapes of Kandinsky:



Ancient portrait with mixed media

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20 thoughts on “Inspired by the Kandinsky’s landscapes”

  1. Hi Joe! I think the most difficult step for children is to stylize the shapes of the landscape, the process of abstraction is not so simple and automatic! But I think also that they can do everything! I always follow your blog and I propose your blog as my favorite in the competition “blog of the year”!!!See you soon!

  2. This is just what I was looking for when trying to come up with an idea for my art students this spring. I love Kandinsky, and we just finished a non-objective Kandinsky-like 3-Dimensional interpretation. Love it, and thank you!

  3. You are really amazing ! Thank you so much for sharing -hope that is ok to use some of your ideas in my class=I’m working with autistic children ,and I use the abstract/modern art to make them express themselves .Love your blog ! Ciao ed mille gratzie !

    • Ciao Monica! The aim of this web site is to share and exchange ideas between art teachers and everybody interested in creativity. Of course you can use some of my ideas! If you like you could also show me your works. If you have done an exciting work with your students, i can dedicate a post to you! Write me on! 🙂

  4. HI Miriam, I’m going to try this with my kids tomorrow. It is so refreshing to study Kandinsky’s landscapes. Thank you so much for always being so generous and sharing your lessons. Long time fan!


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