Circles of colored words

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Inspired by Kandinsky circles, we paint some simple circles with watercolors using just the three primary colors, mixing them each other and painting very loosely circles of different sizes. Then we wrote in the circular lines some words, everything we could think about colors, or pieces of poems and songs, in English or in Italian language, even nonsense words!
The purpose was just decorate the circles and use the words as if they were a texture or an embroidery. In the end we filled the spaces between the circles with black ink to bring out the colors!


A Rainbow Umbrella!

Visiting Bath


10 thoughts on “Circles of colored words”

  1. Miriam seguo sempre con attenzione il tuo blog, è un concentrato di passione per l'arte che riesci a trasmettere ai ragazzi delle tue classi. E i risultati sono bellissimi!!! e forse riescono ad esprimere e sperimentare attraverso il colore e le forme anche ciò che sono. GRAZIE!


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