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In the mosaic workshop attended by students of year 7 we made a large mosaic working in groups, each student was responsible for a color, along the lines of a project.

The castle is the one of Mezzolombardo (Trento, Italy) that can be seen from the windows of the school.

the mosaic completed

photograph of the Mezzolombardo castle
processing of computer design, simplification of the color fields
simulation of the mosaic carried out to the computer
sketch for the reference design

The faces – masks

Free interpretation of a still life


9 thoughts on “Big mosaic”

  1. This is amazing! Congratulations!
    What kind of software and procedure did you use for simplification and simulation of the mosaic?
    It’s a nice preview and I think I could do something similar in gimp with which I am familiar.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Nick! I did the sketch myself, with a pencil on a tracing paper overlapped on the picture. In that drawing I simplify the color fields in closed areas. Then I scanned the drawing and color the image with some program like gimp ( I actually don’t remember… was 5 years ago 😉 ). I filled the areas with the most suitable colors, according to the tiles’ color I had in the art room. I drew the lines as a simulation of grout joint between tesserae with a grey pencil tool. For any further question ask me, I’m glad to help you! If you do something with gimp, please share it! 🙂

      • Thanks a lot for the infromation Miriam! Well, in gimp all this process that you described can be done more or less automatically using the G’MIC plug in. I found a filter in there that you can apply to photos and it does the color field and edge simplification. (It’s the “artistic” -> “cutout”).
        I love mosaics and I’d love to do it with some of my classrooms but I am a bit concerned with the safety of the students while breaking and cutting tiles. What kind of safety measures did you take during the process? Did they wear protective glasses for eye protection etc?
        Thank you!

        • Hi Nick! Thanks for the suggestion about G’MIC!
          For the safety measure I had to use protective glasses and gloves, burt actually we didn’t use them every lesson, all the time. Children were uncomfortable with those supplies. I did the lesson with students 11-12-13 years old, but in small groups, so i could control their safety. I realized that it’s not possible to do this kind of lesson with more than 15 students. Sometime happened that one student cut a finger slightly, but fortunately nobody was injured. I think the most important thing are the protective glasses. 🙂


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