Theatre: Truffaldino, an unusual Harlequin

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During the workshops we are creating the costumes and masks for the play of the year. In designing the costume for a Harlequin we thought to inspire the decoration of the fabric to Kandinsky’s works. The abstract works of art of Kandinsy are perfect to make the idea of happiness, of movement, of joyful madness and clumsy that characterizes this character.
Some students of Year 9 have decorated the jacket and pants costume in perfect style of Kandinsky, and other students of the year 8, they realized the masks of other characters in paper mache.
The follow-up in the next episodes ….

la casacca di Truffaldino
i pantaloni di Truffaldino con il piccolo modello ritagliato da un quadro di Kandinsij
Barbara  e Sebastiano durante la realizzazione

Giaele e Michela al lavoro
le maschere in cartapesta

Pomegranates for a poster

Special bookmarks to welcoming the new pupils at school


3 thoughts on “Theatre: Truffaldino, an unusual Harlequin”

  1. Il vostro lavoro mette allegria solo a guardarlo! È bello vedere i ragazzi che si divertono creando. Da insegnante posso dire che è il più grande risultato che cerco di ottenere con le mie proposte anche se non sempre ci riesco. Continuate così ragazzi!!!

  2. Hi, I’d love to know more about this lesson! Could you send me your lesson plan or info on how to achieve these great Kandinsky-inspired clothes? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Valerie
      as you see in the picture with trousers there are little clothes in the corner: they were cut out from a Kandinsky’s work picture. The student copied the painting on the fabric with acrylic painting


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