Tribute to Friedrich

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We have studied the works of a great artist of the Romantic, Caspar David Friedrich, with students in the 9th grade. They have revised his figures in backlight by painting in tempera on gradient backgrounds.

The effect is really very “romantic”!

elisa c.
elisa z.


Cèzanne’s still life

Still life with warm and cool colors


2 thoughts on “Tribute to Friedrich”

  1. Hi,
    I´m very inspired of the works! But I asked myself how you managed those interesting blackish Silhouettes. Cause they don´t seem black but in a way colored. How did you get this?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Michael! You can find the answers in these following posts
      The black figure was traced on the painted background with tracing paper and then colored with black painting. We used tracing paper, a sort of transparent-matt paper. We overlap the tracing paper on the photocopy of the silhouette, and we draw the outline of the shape on the tracing paper with a pencil (soft graphite B1 or B2). Then we turn the tracing paper upside down over the painted background. Eventually we retrace the line on the reverse side of tracing paper, in order to “print” the graphite on the painted background. The drawing will be light, tenue and faint, bus visible on the background. At this point is possible redraw the line and paint the silhouette with black paint.
      Let me know if everything is clear, or if you need other information, suggestion or picture. 🙂


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