Still-life striped

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with pupils of grade 8 we are experiencing different ways to create shadows, one of which is to get the nuances simply by varying the pressure of the hand on the pencil, so you have more intense colors or lighter depending on how much pressure is imprinted the drawing.

disegno di maria
disegno di chiara
disegno di denis

disegno di michele
disegno di martina
disegno di michele c.

Lights & shadows

Shading in cross-hatching


7 thoughts on “Still-life striped”

  1. Hi Mariam – I would love to try this with my students. Did you have them draw vases on white paper, then cut them out and mount them on black paper? Or, did they draw them free hand from actual vases? Thanks

    • Hi Debra
      Thy drew the vases on a white paper, then cut them out and out on black paper. They didn’t copy the vases from real vases, I gave them the instruction to draw the vases following the principle of symmetry. They drew a vertical line, then they drew half vase on the left and the other half on the right had to be symmetrical. Ask me if you need any further answers. 😉


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