Exercises in shade and gradations to the new folders

cover 1

In classes of 8th grade we started to practice with the shades and  gradations in the drawings that will be used for the cover of our folders. You begin to draw a grid of 21 cm to the side and, in each square of 7x7cm, it draws two lines by hand, which can be curved, oblique, vertical, horizontal, wavy or straight. The important thing is that each square has being divided into three areas to be colored. Each student then chose three colors in pencil, in tonal gradation or contrasting each other, to color the different areas. Each zone is colored with a gradient, through a different pressure of the pencil on the paper.




cart.sec cover







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  1. I think you’re brilliant. I am doing all your lessons with my 6th grade art class.

  2. Ciao Miriam,
    hai rinnovato il sito? molto bello!
    Passavo di qui e mi piaceva lasciarti un saluto.

    • Ciao Liana! Grazie del saluto! Ho trascorso un po’ di tempo in Inghilterra e sono riuscita a rinnovare il sito… vieni ancora a trovarmi! 😉

  3. Excellent, love it! Always looking for fresh shading work

    • Thanks Hope! Try to do this exercise ad tell me how it works, you can do it with chromatic gradation as well… 🙂

  4. Malissa Wright says

    Thank you so much for this exercise.

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