Collage Matisse’s style

Inspired to Matisse’s collage, the students of 9th grade realized this collage starting from a magazine picture of  any whole figure. This figure has been stylized in a simple silhouette and cut out from a coloured cardboard. The collage is completed with the typical Matisse’s shapes. Some cardboards are painted with tempera guache.

Example of Matisse’s Collages:
Matisse – Blue nude
Matisse – Le lanceur the couteaux
Matisse – Icare
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  1. Hi Miriam!Great Work! beautiful: colors and shapes!!!Children like Matisse, he is so simple and fantastic.I also have done with children of primary school but not so nice!Tank for post!francesca

  2. Molto belli! siamo stati ad una mostra di matisse a Brescia in autunno e avevo proprio bisogno di qualche suggerimento per riproporre l'attività anche al mio bambino…

  3. ho in programma di "collagiare" con i bamabini della scuola dell'infanzia dove lavoro e matisse è un ottimo spunto. grazie

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