Bas-reliefs of Romanesque art

Color gradations reveal the mysterious and fantastic forms of medieval, mythical animals and monsters carved by the skilled hands of ancient sculptors. Students of Year 8 have copied the bas-reliefs of Romanesque art with interesting exercises of value.


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  1. Bellissimi

  2. BELLI….

  3. Bellissimi sonno molto,molto belli

  4. Una vera opera d'arte in cui io non ci riesco punto… Da Ghigo 2B Firenze

  5. debrapaper says

    Hi Miriam! I love your site, and have used some of your lessons in my class. My students always love their results. I want to do the bas-reliefs drawings pictured above with them . . . did your students trace over printed pictures first? Thanks!

    • Hi Debra! Thanks for your comment! In this lessons the students have drawn directly on transparent (opaque) tracing paper overlapped on a black and white picture of a bas-relief. They used colored pencils, so is easier for them to find the lights and shadows. Have I answer to your question? Please, tell me if you need further informations! 🙂

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