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lampade collage

In a lesson about Art Nouveau in the 9th grade classes, we explored the theme of design and fashion. We discussed about the function of everyday objects and how the designer renews the image of the object, trying to find a balance between shape, function and technology. After these reflections it has been proposed to design a lamp with new and original shapes. Following a series of quick sketches, the students made a drawing of their lamp, writing the materials, the type of lighting and the object name (HERE you can find a previous work where we designed a chair).

Below, in addition to the students’ work, there is also the brief presentation which introduced the design of the lamp.














_DSC0309  _DSC0308

_DSC0307 _DSC0306

_DSC0232  _DSC0233

_DSC0234  _DSC0235

_DSC0236  _DSC0237

_DSC0238  _DSC0239

_DSC0240  _DSC0244

_DSC0245  _DSC0247

_DSC0398  _DSC0399


_DSC0294  _DSC0295

_DSC0296  _DSC0297

_DSC0298  _DSC0299

_DSC0300  _DSC0301

_DSC0302  _DSC0303

_DSC0304  _DSC0305


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  1. Nancy Kessler says

    I am continually blown away at the incredible talent our students possess! These ideas were wonderous!

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