To become an artist…

Some simple rules to follow in the Art Room... sorry they are in italian, but I need to share with the italian teachers! I copied this idea from some english Art-Room-Rules-Poster, I  just translated  and wrote them, adding some sketch with my students. … [Read more...]

Welcome to another Italian Art TeacherBlogger!

Welcome to Dietro il dipinto (behind the painting), a new blog by Patrizia Freschi, Art Teacher in Arezzo. Thanks to share!!! a drawing by Lorenzo A. … [Read more...]


I started to teach art in an Italian Middle School (I’m living in Italy now!), and I’m trying to apply some educational methods that I learned in the UK Primary and Secondary Schools and that I shared with my community of art’s teachers around the world (have a look on my Pinterest’s boards!).I arranged a Power Point presentation about myself and the rules in my art classroom… It is in italian … [Read more...]

At school in the United Kingdom

my children at the first day of school in London Soprattutto per i colleghi Italiani consiglio un link al blog di francesca frame, con la quale ho fatto due chiacchiere sul confronto tra il sistema educativo internazionale e quello italiano, basandomi sull’esperienza direttamente vissuta dai miei figli e dalle ore che sto trascorrendo alla Scuola Secondaria “Sir Thomas Picton” di … [Read more...]