AZION…ARTI: another amazing italian Art Ed Blog

Here another new Art Blog from an Italian art teacher! She is Laura Tomasi, we met almost 30 years ago at the Secondary Art School of Trento and we have always been good friends! The title is AZION...ARTI, it’s meaning “you activate yourself”! She is teaching in an Italian Middle School (with student 11-14 years old), and I’m so proud to introduce her blog!   … [Read more...]

To become an artist…

Some simple rules to follow in the Art Room... sorry they are in italian, but I need to share with the italian teachers! I copied this idea from some english Art-Room-Rules-Poster, I  just translated  and wrote them, adding some sketch with my students. … [Read more...]

Welcome to another Italian Art TeacherBlogger!

Welcome to Dietro il dipinto (behind the painting), a new blog by Patrizia Freschi, Art Teacher in Arezzo. Thanks to share!!! a drawing by Lorenzo A. … [Read more...]


I started to teach art in an Italian Middle School (I’m living in Italy now!), and I’m trying to apply some educational methods that I learned in the UK Primary and Secondary Schools and that I shared with my community of art’s teachers around the world (have a look on my Pinterest’s boards!).I arranged a Power Point presentation about myself and the rules in my art classroom… It is in italian … [Read more...]

At school in the United Kingdom

my children at the first day of school in London Soprattutto per i colleghi Italiani consiglio un link al blog di francesca frame, con la quale ho fatto due chiacchiere sul confronto tra il sistema educativo internazionale e quello italiano, basandomi sull’esperienza direttamente vissuta dai miei figli e dalle ore che sto trascorrendo alla Scuola Secondaria “Sir Thomas Picton” di … [Read more...]