Drawing about me: 2 worksheets

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The Art lessons for this school year in the 6th Grade classes, follow the CLIL methodology (Content and Language Integrated Learning). To start I devised a lesson plan aimed at welcoming the new students.

A simple art activity where each student completes a worksheet about himself/herself. Here are the instructions:
1. Write and colour your name in capital letters in the rectangle below
2. Draw your avatar as a Mii character
3. Draw 4 features about yourself and write a brief explanation in English, eg: my family (draw your family) my age (draw a big coloured number) my favourite food (draw a slice of pizza) my favourite hobby (draw a camera)
Use coloured pencils and felt-tip pens
You can also use it as cover of the notebook.

You can buy the printable worksheet for the “drawing about me” here below. You can also use it as cover of the notebook.

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Restauro di antichi vasi greci

Drawing about me