Visiting Bath

The light and the sky were the protagonists this morning in Bath; I'm fascinated to compose square details with curved lines, horizontal or vertical shapes, angles and contrasted colours. … [Read more...]

Italian Autumn

The Autumn in Italy has always a warm light, you can feel the end of Summer in the scent of wet wood, in the chilly part of the shadows, in the last ray of sun that warms the surface of dark stones … [Read more...]

Edgy, soft, straight, curved

Lines and sensations, emotions and textures, visit Llawhaden castle. … [Read more...]

Clone Yourself!

I follow the suggestion of DIY’s Blog, and I tried to realize the photograph with Paolo and Laura “clones”. Here my result, not perfect, but really enjoyable! … [Read more...]

Fotografia: English Red

Some details in "red": London at once sumptuous and humble ... … [Read more...]

London minor

Smaller cities that go unnoticed in the great global city: are the roads that I do every day... … [Read more...]