Disegni africani su carta da pacco

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Su carta da pacco marrone abbiamo disegnato semplici soggetti ispirati all’arte primitiva africana con i pastelli ad olio: linee, triangoli, spirali, cerchi e animali stilizzati. Poi abbiamo dipinto negli spazi tra le linee con gli acquerelli, usando solo una gamma ristretta di colori caldi come marrone, rosso, ocra, bordeaux e nero

Forme bianche su sfondo nero: paesaggio a due colori

Spigoloso, morbido, dritto, ricurvo…


9 commenti su “Disegni africani su carta da pacco”

  1. This is too cool! I am the Adult Programming Specialist at a branch of Omaha Public Library in Nebraska, USA and will use this idea to present a craft program during Black History Month. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Hi! I'm very happy to share my lessons with you, is exciting to know that you and your students are realizing an idea of mine in Houston… in Texas, WOW! Do you have any blog or flickr account where you put your works online? Good work and Happy Art to you!Keep in touch 🙂

  3. I presented the program as described about in my previous message and it was a wonderful success! Sixteen women attended and each of them produced a unique and beautiful piece! We had so much fun! I want to show you a photograph I took of five of their works, but I cannot figure out how to post it here. Please advise. Thank you again Miriam, for your generosity!