Una tazza di fantasia!

Fantasiose tazze dipinte a tempera! questo è un valido esercizio per imparare ad usare i pennelli e per sperimentare quanti tipi di texture si possono  inventare con un pennello rotondo sottile e una pennellessa piatta.

paint the background with plain colours
when the surface is dry, add the texture

create your own texture!
use at least two colors for every pattern
draw the outline with a permanent marker


  1. Wow! Si può fare anche la tazza a tema, per esempio la tazza di Van Gogh, la tazza di Mirò, la tazza di Monet!!!!

  2. giusto!! questo è un lavoro che ho fatto con le prime per imparare a usare la tempera, però potrebbe essere una bellissima idea per le terze!! grazie del commento Palmy1

  3. Love the colors and patterns!

  4. Love these… they make me think of Matisse.

  5. Awesome… they make me think of Matisse

  6. Beautiful work! I need to use tempera more 🙂

  7. Love it!

  8. The black outline changes the work so much. They almost look like prints. Beautiful.

  9. You always have the best projects! love these.

  10. thank you, the student enjoy so much this work with tempera colours!!

  11. The black line is very useful!!! it can also cover the defect… :-))

  12. You could even think to do Mirò’s cup, or Van Gogh’s cup… why not?

  13. thank you!! I even visit your blog, it is fantastic!!

  14. I love your blog! I'm an art teacher in America and I found it.. trying some of your lessons this week!

  15. Hi, nice to meet you!! I'm so happy to know new teachers and share my ideas! You could show me your work as well!

  16. These are wonderful! Great inspiration for our next project! (ps how do you find time to post so often??? i have a back log of projects just waiting to be published! kudos to you!)

  17. I enjoy to much to post the works, and the students are so happy! Now I'm working at school just part-time and I have more time to spend on the blog… So.. thanks for your comment!

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