Folder for herbarium

For the Science project the pupils of 7th grade created a folder to collect herbs, with cardboard, wrapping paper, leaves, paper, crayons and colored ribbons.   … [Read more...]

Caerphilly Castle’s model

Here the photographs of the real Castle of Caerphilly in Cardiff (Wales, UK), Paolo realized a model with cardboard glued on wood and polystyrene base, coloured with acrylic colours. … [Read more...]

Mini badges with drawing pins

Laura has made ​​these badges to give them to her classmates. The idea comes from my memory of my secondary school when, at the end of the seventies, my sister and I made ​​these badges for our friends and we even managed to sell them creating a small business ... You need: 1. colored thumbtacks 2. permanent marker (thin tip and colored) 3. transparent nail polish 4.a piece of electric wire (2 … [Read more...]

Special bookmarks to welcoming the new pupils at school

To welcome the kids in fifth grade, which will begin to attend school next yearwe prepared bookmarks printed and plasticized, using images from the drawings made ​​by pupils of the 6th grade. A small gift to wish good luck to those who will join us soon! … [Read more...]