Bicycle texturized: 20 printable worksheets

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bici a texture1C

20 details of a bicycle, in pdf  file, ready to be colored, with texture, zentangle or solid colors. After you ended the decoration of the details, the worksheets can be assembled together to form a big bicycle. This is a teamwork suitable for all grades of school, which puts into play the decorative imagination of every child, and culminating in the creation of a larger picture, where everyone gave their fanciful contribution.

The lesson described below is dedicated to textures: each student has colored a detail in a free and imaginative way, coloring each area with colored felt pens, and inventing the most varied texture to fill the drawing. The drawings were then reassembled to get the shape of the bicycle, in order to obtain a special and customized bicycle for every class.

bici collage1

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bici a texture1D 

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12 thoughts on “Bicycle texturized: 20 printable worksheets”

  1. Thank you for this! I just downloaded the bicycle pages. They will be good to have on hand as a good, collaborative project for a sub to use with my students should I need to be away for a day! I appreciate your wonderful website (which I look at frequently) and am happy that you share your great ideas. I do not have a blog, but if you are interested in viewing the art I do with my students, just google: dlanzsage and you will be directed to my flickr picture sharing site!

  2. This is such a fun activity! Should there be 20 different images? I purchased the file but we seem to have doubles of the same image (e.g., two seats).

    • Hi Jolene! Yes, some images are quite similar, I couldn’t subdivide the bicycle in 20 completely different parts, because the full image is not so complex and I would give to every kid something suitable for decoration and avoid blank sheets. May I help you in something?

  3. Oh, okay. So we need to overlap some pieces almost completely? We’re having a hard time piecing it all together! 🙂

  4. I am so glad that someone else had a difficult time putting it together. I worked on it for an hour and a half and had to overlap and was wondering what I was doing wrong. Now it makes sense. I do a grid project with my 7th grade students so we enlarge each section and then put it together. I was trying to keep track of the order in putting it together wouldn’t be difficult. I will keep working on it!!

    • Thanks for your comment. as I wrote some images are quite similar, but I couldn’t subdivide the bicycle in 20 different parts, because the full image is not so complex and I would give to every kid something suitable for decoration (and avoid blank sheets)…


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