An articulate manikin

With the students of Year 8 we built an articulated manikin made of cartonboard which served as a model for drawing figures in motion. Each student has chosen a pose for his manikin, which could be from front or in profile, and invented a character to “dress up” and paint in an appropriate scenario. Here you will find the sheets to create your manikin!

DSC00083 DSC00082 DSC00081

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  1. Thanks SO much for the manekin info. I’m living & teaching in Norway. I lost my old manekin patterns when we moved & have spent far too long searching for the perfect card layout. I find the “art” lessons required here are a tad weird & narrow, so I want to push towards a structured learning rather than copying from text books.

  2. I loved this pattern! Several of my middle school students created work using the manikins I put together. I linked to your website from my blog:
    Thanks for sharing-

  3. Our classes are using mannequins in various ways for a showcase in November 2016. I have linked to your great resources on my art blog —

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