Inspired by Gustav Klimt

With students of Secondary School (classe 3) we made mixed-media drawings inspired by the works of Gustav Klimt, the great artist of the Viennese Secession that best of all interprets the style of Art Nouveau in the early twentieth century.
Looking at the technique of this painter we have drawn realistic details emerging from a carpet of abstract decorations: elegant textures with gold and silver inserts.

We have traced the main lines of the picture on tracing paper and then we photocopied it on white cardboard. The areas of the faces, hair and hands are colored in pencil, with shades of black and white, but the backgrounds and clothes are colored with felt-tip pens, limited to a range of 7 colours, enriched with pieces of gold and silver paper , ribbons, aluminum foil and copper foil.


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  1. Bravo c'est très beau 🙂 Very nice !!!

  2. Thank you Mickaelle!!

  3. Could you tell me please what is the size of artwork?

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