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Little square paintings, grade 5°, Sabrina Ubaldi, Trento Italy Every day I receive emails and comments from other teachers, students, parents and professionals in the field of art education, about new techniques and educational methods, new ideas for lessons and experiments. Some teacher sent me pictures of extraordinary creations made with class, even started from an idea taken from … [Read more...]

2014 Art Ed Blog of the Year: Vote Now!

Also this year was selected among the best of Art Blog, from the website The The Art of Education. News of this year is the division into categories that separate finalist sites in this way: 1. Best Elementary Art Ed Blog 2. Best Secondary Art Ed Blog 3. Best Rising Star Art Ed Blog 4. Best Wild Card Blog Arteascuola is among the six finalists for the Best Secondary Art … [Read more...]

Arte a Scuola is on Facebook!

ArteaScuola now has its own Facebook page where all posts will be published and you will be able to leave comments and likings. Open the page at and tell me if you like it! … [Read more...]

Welcome to the new site Arteascuola!

Welcome to you, old friend or new visitor, in the new website of Arteascuola, that m eans Art at School, renovated in appearance and in the organization of content. We meet here to share with more and more effectiveness our creative ideas! Here You can find art lessons and artistic techniques to realize with our students and  with our children, in order to enhance the teaching of art in … [Read more...]

Playing with Pollock dripping

It's just an on-line game to paint like Jackson Pollock with his DRIPPING technique! Your student can try to paint in few second his painting in "Pollock style". Just click on the mouse to change the colours and move the mouse very fast to drop the colour on the surface. Here some experiments from my students! … [Read more...]

AZION…ARTI: another amazing italian Art Ed Blog

Here another new Art Blog from an Italian art teacher! She is Laura Tomasi, we met almost 30 years ago at the Secondary Art School of Trento and we have always been good friends! The title is AZION...ARTI, it’s meaning “you activate yourself”! She is teaching in an Italian Middle School (with student 11-14 years old), and I’m so proud to introduce her blog!   … [Read more...]

6th place in the Art Ed Blog of the Year 2012!!!!

  Arteascuola officially ran one of the top 10 Art Ed Blogs of the Year! After thousands of votes were cast, my blog was selected by Art Teachers all around the country (and world) as one of the very best out there! After tallying all of the votes, i ended up with 6th Place! As one of the winners, my blog will be featured in the “Blogging for Art Educators” online class, spread virally online … [Read more...]

Voting is open this week!

Great news friends! I just found out from Jessica over at The Art of Education that my blog has been selected as one of the finalists to win "Art Ed Blog of the Year!" Very exciting. This is such a great idea, and I've already discovered a lot of great new Art Ed Blogs through the nomination page.  I need your help to win! Voting is open this whole week from today through Friday the 14th. … [Read more...]

Art Ed Blog of the Year – Nominations Now Open!

It's time to nominate your favorite art education blog or blogs for the Art Ed Blog of the Year award.The Art of Education blog, which is an amazing resource, is sponsoring this wonderful way to recognize the art educators out there who are using the blogosphere to reflect on their practice and celebrate student creativity and achievement.Voting is open through this Friday, December 7th.Vote for … [Read more...]

OVO, Amazing Art Lessons online!!

Amazing website for our online classes: concise, precise, with stunning moving images ... in a few minutes the contents that count ... undoubtedly interesting for a distracted teenagers audiences ! Thanks to Martina Malpaga that gave me the information​​! Have a look! English version: Italian version: http://WWW.OVO.COM/video/arte-e-design   … [Read more...]