Paintings in scale of grays, inspired by B&W photos

This activity is an idea of the art teacher and friend Alessandra Tomasi. She is teaching at the Middle School of
Fondo e Revò, in the North of Italy, and her students are Grade 8th.
After introducing the history of Photography the students observed many black-and-white photographs. Students and teacher talked about shades, hues and colors in these pictures. The activity proposes to create a painting using the colors observed in the photographs, that are black, white and all the shades of gray. The observation of these colors encouraged students to create a wide variety of tones, mixing just black and white in different amount .
The painting must be abstract, made of geometrical shapes and simple lines. Students worked as freely as possible, in order to create personal and unique compositions.




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  1. What a fun way to incorporate value study without the usual color. I love this. Thank you for sharing the lesson!

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