Art supplies in the style of Michael Craig-Martin

A drawing inspired by the contemporary artist Michael Craig-Martin  is created with the art supplies we usually use in our art room. In this drawing we can work on the topics of still-life,  representation of space and composition.
To create the drawing follow these steps:

  • CHOOSE from eight to ten photocopies of ART SUPPLIES objects
  • Trace the picture on your drawing sheet with a pencil overlapping the photocopy and the drawing sheet on a window. Use tape to attach the papers on the window’s glass.
  • Overlap pictures one on another tracing the whole objects.
  • When you finish to copy the objects with pencil draw the outlines with a BLACK PERMANENT MARKER.
  • Colour just some areas of the drawing with felt-tip pens in SOLID COLOURS in the style of Micheal Craig Martin.
  • Colour the background with a solid colour.






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  1. Wow! These are stunning. I think I’ll try this with my grade 6 students at the start of next year. It was a great idea to concentrate on the composition and not worry about the drawing aspect by tracing the objects.

  2. Hope Knight says:

    These are super cool! I love the floating look.

  3. Greta Purcell says:

    Are these worksheets available to buy or download?

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