Fashion design with Textures: worksheets and 5 activities

The drawings for these activities are inspired by Scott Nylund’s work, an american illustrator and fashion designer . I really like his clean and graceful style and I found it suitable for working on the textures. The templates should be printed on paper or white cardboard, and then you can cut out the model’s dress with a cutter. In that way you create an empty space that you can fill up in different ways.

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1. a drawing of natural textures made with colored pencils;


2. a photograph of the template put in front of a real object or a landscape that creates the dress;

3. a decoration with graphic textures made with colored felt-tip pens, drawn directly on the template or as an interchangeable background;


4. a collage of textures cut out from magazines;



5. a decoration with black and white Zentangle that you can also draw directly on the template




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  1. Ciao Miriam, mi piace molto la proposta con lo scatto fotografico. Grazie per le ottime idee… as usually!! ; )

  2. WHAT AN AMAZING LESSON!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing. I’m totally going to adapt this for my class.

    • Hi NIc! Thanks for your opinion, it matters a lot for me! I’m going to do this activity with students of grade 6th, working on textures. Have a nice day dear friend!! 🙂

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