Final exam 2016


Even this year I asked my students to create a personal work, inspired by the artists we’ve studied in our lessons. In the final exam is important to describe and justify the work, explaining the techniques and the procedure and the motivations of their work of art. Here we have the works  presented during the final exams: they was connected to a history of art topic,  and every student explained the topic and this connection. Great job guys!


_DSC0627  _DSC0620

_DSC0624 _DSC0629

_DSC0498 _DSC0500

_DSC0504  _DSC0505




_DSC0025 _DSC0026








_DSC0075 _DSC0045



_DSC0059 _DSC0060






_DSC0081 _DSC0084








_DSC0099 _DSC0109





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  1. Interpretazioni personali e fortemente comunicative…complimenti Miriam, questo vuol dire educare all’arte e alla creatività!!!

  2. C Amoroso says:

    Fabulous and inspiring to this art teacher of 23 years!

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