Landscape textured with hot air balloon


We have experienced on other occasions the use of acrylic paint for the realization of textured surfaces, with the shoe, the cup, the Italian coffee maker. This time we chose to paint a landscape with a hot air balloon in the sky, with unnaturally colored and textured surfaces. The paintings were made in the 6th grade classes, where the students began to use painting and brushes. First we learned to paint a solid color, and then we tried various possibilities given by different instruments. We used round paintbrushes and flat paintbrushes of various sizes, experiencing many different types of shapes for our textures. The balloon was painted at a later time with the same technique, then it was cut out and pasted over the landscape.






















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  1. The colors and patterns in these are amazing! I did a hot air balloon project earlier in the year I may have to switch it up for next year! Thanks for sharing…and congrats on 1st place!

    • Hi Abby! I pin your amazing watercolors about air balloon on my board on pinterest, thanks for sharing!! 🙂 Congrats to you too, for the first place in the Rising Star category, i voted for you because your blog is really well done!

  2. That’s really something extraordinary. It’s like thinking out of the box and producing this kind of excellent stuff in front of everybody. Really very impressive.

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