Italian Moka!!

With the class 1B (grade 6 and 7) I repeated the exercise of the previous lesson about textures painted with tempera colours “a cup of fantasy”. I only changed the subject of the painting with an Italian Moka instead of a cup! So we now have the moka, the cup and the coffee!

paint the background with plain colours
when the surface is dry, add the texture
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  1. Beautiful! As with your cups, so colorful, and the pattern really ties them together. A great display – if I were a parent I'd frame these and hang them together!

  2. Beautiful lesson! So colorful and they remind me of Romero Britto.")Pat

  3. It reminds me to postmodern italian design like Sottsass or Mendini. Did you show your students pictures of their works? It might be interesting to compare.

  4. They're so bright and joyous!

  5. thanks for your suggestions! Every comment is very useful for me !!!:-))

  6. These are striking! Is the black outline done with paint or marker?

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